AV Implementation Services

Project Management

Managing the various teams (electrical, AV, interiors and programming) can be complex and time consuming. Our project managers apply our experience from hundreds of projects to make sure that your implementation is a smooth process.

Design Drawings

Our experienced Design and Engineering team works to make extremely detailed Autocad plans for your specialised AV facilities (Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Telepresence Rooms etc.). Updates and modifications to these plans are often made speedily as needed and shared with all stakeholders on a daily basis.

Software Development & Programming

Our programming teams help develop the personalized software and control interfaces required for various elements like lighting, equipment and environment management to function in an intuitive and seamless manner.

Testing & Commissioning

Once the infrastructure and equipment for your AV facility has been physically set up, a thorough test of various components and functionality is conducted by our team to make sure that everything is functioning correctly and the facility is prepared for endusers.


Our team creates the User or Administrator manuals for effective use and management of your facilities.